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Brody Klegstad, Biography

Brody Klegstad

Brody was born and raised in Beautiful Northern Minnesota, in the heart of lake country. He is very well traveled and is known for his amazing beard. He enjoys camping with his family and friends. Kristine, his way better half, is his rock. She recently blessed him with a son, Oliver. Natalie is the boss of the house, her almost 9 year old daughter, they try hard to run the show, but she rules the home with a iron fist! You might catch him out on the water casting a line, with no hook, because he doesn't like the smell of catching fish on his hands. Speaking of water, it is well known fact that he hates purified water and only drinks natural spring water. He can also still be found in the mountain tops, wrestling Grizzlies or playing his guitar, with the tunes of chirping birds and flowing water accompanying the soulful wonder of the cascading sounds coming from his masterfully played chords. He is well known in the area and people will always have a story about the most interesting man in Northern Minnesota! Whether it be skipping a heavy stone across a frozen lake or helping a puppy cross a busy highway, he is the man you want in your corner! He will make your property buying or selling experience a memory you can cherish and take with you! Your bucket list might just need to have one little thing added to it, working with Brody Klegstad on your real estate needs in Beautiful Northern Minnesota.

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